Paul John Teutul Is An Asshole



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Senior is nothing without Junior and he is an asshole. That being said, Paul Jr. They are so eager for some exposure that they will do anything and sign any agreement without the benefit of legal advice. JB is a gifted painter artist, but if he is doing this out of greed, he will likely never work in the graphics industry again — IMO. Thanks for listening to my unbiased opinion on the matter!

DESCRIPTION: Can the same thing be said for the company that supplies the paint to? He is still very young.

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The walruses aging flabby arms are showing now. Kinda like his chance to show his stuff on National TV.

  • Much depends upon the judges and not OR juries.
  • Mikey is the last child to stop speaking to the old douche, he should give up on him and try to realize that he will never change and try to find something else to do besides please and entertain his dad.
  • JSDiamond is exactly correct ….

It all comes down to what is in paper!!! The real problem right now is the friction between the Pauls. Junior has always been an employee. They will produce their contracts with OCC. And you can do with it what you wish within reason. Further, if the painting was created by one of my employees I own the copyright from the get-go so that is not an argument.

Gene Simmons

OCC has been sued and has sued other parties in the past. I am then free to do as I please with that paint job …. The real problem right now is the friction between the Pauls. It looks to me like Junior copied it. The alternative is very simple. As I read through this thread, I IIs a few folks are missing the point.

I was suprised that Jr. Kinda like his chance to show his stuff on National TV.

Oh, Justin deserves everything he can get for his work. Just because other people agreed to pay a lot of money for a bike built by OCC and the vendors willingly supplied free or heavily discounted products and services why disparage the man for cutting a great deal for himself. For the ultimate results they must work as a team, with each giving input only in their own area of expertise, But they are different animals ,and most times they dont understand each other and unless they learn how to their partnership will fail The creators specialty is making things.. I hope they will get there problems resolved.

  • As far as Mikey he has his problems , but aleast he seems be be the only one who really cares about the family and wants to end all the mess.
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And that Paul Sr. What saddens me is Paul Sr. Both sides got what they wanted and agreed to. I hope he gets everything that he wants. The bike was presented to her and her hubby on some side street to hide the embarrasment.


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