What Do Dirty Panties Smell Like



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Sorry girls, but it just ain't fair for you to have all these amazing things for just yourselves. The worst thing you can do is make a big deal about it.

DESCRIPTION: Chlamydia and gonorrhea infections usually don'tcause vaginal odors. Do not add quotation blocks in your copypasta.

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I love the smell of dirty panties : copypasta

And yeah I know I'm an asslicker, but the pussy and asshole of the panties taste and smell good. Why men like to wear panties?

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  • Bacterial vaginosis - an overgrowth of normally occurring vaginalbacteria - is the most common vaginal infection that causes avaginal odor.
  • I wouldn't worry about it. If she is sitting in a way that caused her to exposed herself, then people might notice, and someone might say something.
  • But, more likely, it doesn't.

Commented Mar 4, For me I take them from my sisters room they are so cute!! Yourgynecologist should be female anyway so sex shouldn't be an issue. The third smell, of course, is the smell of the wearer's bottom and although this may be off putting, it will have a sweetish smell and not a bit like poo. Why men like to wear panties? No not necisarily a lot of men like to wear womans clothing as it exites them and makes them feel good, even though they still have a sexual preference for women..

Motherless has a very large and active community where you can meet like minded individuals. Litlle Cute girl like smell Dirty Panties. Why does the smell of my wife's used panty turn me on? Is Don't necessarily say you were sniffing her dirty panties like a feining coke whore unless you think she.

do dirty panties taste like vagina

But, a strongvaginal odor - for instance, a "fishy" smell - might be abnormaland could indicate a problem. Depressing sex life, help? Commented Nov 6, I recommend easing into Whst racierundies like lacy thongs. To know the answer, try to discover a dirty pair in a linen bin perhaps and give them a careful sniff where the stains are. Otherwise, It's pretty common!

Some embrace it, while others are scared off. The smell can vary between women and it can vary in the same woman.

You can recognize smells, but you can't tell or explain a smell. Although I've heard of perverts that even like that. I know this is to much information but I need your opinion.? Ms-Kitty Ms-Kitty Member since:

I wouldn't call panty sniffers perverts unless the guy is collecting them or going through peoples laundry baskets looking for panties. My brother grew up to be well adjusted, is married with two sons of his own.

  • I'm a guy, and I think that, on the right girl, it can be sexy. I'm not sure, I just understand.
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  • The third smell, of course, is the smell of the wearer's bottom and although this may be off putting, it will have a sweetish smell and not a bit like poo.

Depends, usually they just have the body scent of whomever wore them. Everyone of you are poop lickers. I like the fill of them. She blew him by anonymous. Also, they will be more fragrant if damp, so when they dry out but you want to enjoy the scent again just moisten the crotch with some water.

A perverse, sexually deviant individual lacking in moralistic background and displaying a disrespective attitude.. Buy one from the store, or try having someone else make one.


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