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Forum Top 10 Stats Nicknames Lists. The name, borne in the Bible by the mother of the prophet Samuel, received a boost in popularity by the Puritans, who favored Bible names. What Namipedia Users Say Smart?

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  • I have had some strange nicknames like Cyrus and Hannah moncolorado which I don't mind.

Aug 11,  · I don't like Hannah-Banana, my dad calls me H or Han. any cute nicknames for that name its my nameStatus: Resolved. Famous people named Hannah or its Hannah bear is cute if u r 9 or Myla first appeared on the list of Top American baby girl names in at.

Origin of the name Hannah: Adjectives and Noun Names Girls:

  • Hannah Name Meaning & Origin
  • I get called Han Han and it is ok if you look on the Internet at nick names for Hannah it will say hannie or Han Han so help me pick one Han Han or Hannibal or hannahgail or last one I promise hannie. November 25, at 8:
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Back in the 60's when I was a sweet young thing, Hannah was not popular. Posted in Girls Names H Tags: June 29, at 6: Hana , Hanna Favorite This Name.

Posted in Girls Names H Tags: May 29, at 3: Hannah Sarah Tan b.

March 4, at Boys Names - Girls Names. Hannah Sarah Tan b. Origin of the name Hannah:


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