Playing Hard To Get As A Guy



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G The messages on this site should be in a book. It was absolutely amazing seeing him after all these years.

DESCRIPTION: You need to focus on you and the things that interest you outside of your relationship. The only problem with this advice is that you could have the most fulfilling life in the world apart from him and if he is not ready to integrate in to your life or to even make a committment to get to know you, you are spinning your wheels… He could think you are the most valuable person on the planet but if he is not in a place of readiness, nothing you are or do can alter that. Basically by the end of the night he asked me for my number before he left, I gave it to him without hesitation because obviously we had hit it off. Should you expect that the male will reach out first?

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They generally come back. If you want me to act like a bitch so that you can value me more, than you can go find one who will treat you like crap and break your heart!

  • Everyone plays some sort of game especially men.
  • The main question that troubles me is that till when should I wait for him to come and since his plane has just crashed, will he be ready any soon to board another?
  • Our sexting, flirting, caring continued.
  • I guess my question is…. He of course responded with a calm, charming response and of course i gave in.
  • How will this work? Stacie So i have liked this guy for along time and we have had a few things before.

Honey, I was in something very much like what you describe most of last year. And I have to deal with his moods and separate relation-ship with work. I would really appreciate any suggestions, comments or advice anyone can give me about the following situation i am in….. I have values and standards and if you are strong the royal treatment then believe me, you are meeting those standards. Yes, he spends the same amount of time with me as he always has. I initiated contact when ever I wanted to and he always replied. Now, he is withdrawing which I know is common for men to do.

It will keep him guessing and interested and trust me he will want you more and more. What actions should I take? Was it so wrong to ask him out?

In your words I was doing most of the investing!!! I have been dating a guy I met trought one of my Guuy friends. The new year came along and all we ever do is look at eachother! Trust me, you have to love yourself and know Grt your value is. Milf Hunter September 4, I never blamed him for anything he was the one to say that i hurted him while he did.

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This is such a great article. I am a prize and he is a dummy for not seeing that.

Orchid I understand the giving the guy a challenge. He still makes the most effort possible in that he takes a bus when he comes to see me, but its not close enough to walk and I still end up going to pick him up, and dropping him off myself. What it really comes down to is being a woman who values herself and is confident in who she is. When you have a fulfilling life of your own that exists completely separate from him, you will automatically be seen as having great value.

  • Everyone plays some sort of game especially men.
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  • Katarina Phang So much game, Bella. Milf Hunter April 12,

He became a bit obsessive too. And i keep on thinking about him, I will never find anyone more perfect than him.. The chase is only a small component of a relationship. No, he never spends time with me. Enough his enough to all of you.

I pleaded with him not to leave but he beat me and left. Thank you for sharing and most of all thank you for allowing me to comment and vent my feelings on your post. I do like him,and it really hurts thoe and am more than bothered. I will make more plans to live my life as I did before I meant him, and spend more moments happy on my own. Liking him all along and being with the other guy, is all wrong. He introduced me twice to his close friends different times, and he treated me very affectioned and in one point I felt were a couple.

Thanks for reading this I know it was kinda long.. Jenn Everyone plays some sort of game especially men. When I think of all those times I cancelled to make time for the guy… dang!! Charming Tall and Handsome. He told me he really likes me but since he has just gone through a bad long distnace, he cant do another one, and he doesnt want to hurt me.

So then he started telling people we were talking dating wise. His last text was Monday night saying he had a good day with friends and family. Milf Hunter September 18, How do I get my boyfriend to chase after me, he loves me and we live together always visiting his parents, but at times he will leave me at his parents house while he goes to hang with his boys or to workout.


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