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DESCRIPTION: The Dragon and the Wolf. Cersei tasks Petyr Baelish with recovering Arya and is enraged when Baelish dares to reference the rumors. Her second pregnancy actually had nothing to do with the decision because that happened later.

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She plays the same trump card that she once did with Tyrion and Shae by making a deal with Olyvar , Loras's lover, to testify against Loras in exchange for being spared from persecution. During the royal visit to Winterfell , Eddard's son Bran finds Cersei committing incest with Jaime in a tower.

  • You want to rule? She is later visited by Qyburn, who informs her that the charges against her are treason, incest and regicide, which she dismisses as lies, though Qyburn reminds her that the Faith will not depend on physical proof as much as the Crown does in her upcoming trial.
  • And no one can take that away from me — not even Joffrey. Their father had been as relentless and implacable as a glacier, where Cersei was all wildfire , especially when thwarted.
  • Threatening her brother's wet nurse before sending her away, Cersei undid Tyrion's swaddling clothes and hurt her little brother, until Jaime stopped her.
  • In The World of Ice and Fire book, incest is defined by the Faith of the Seven as sexual relations between a father and daughter, a mother and son, or brother and sister. She ends the discussion by saying that Tyrion's finest joke was killing their mother when he was born.

When the royal party arrives at Winterfell the seat of House Stark a month later, Lord Eddard presents his household to Robert and Cersei. She then orders Qyburn to place his spies all over Westeros to prevent any other Great Houses from benefiting from the Lannisters' disgrace. He asks Joffrey to marry his sister, Margaery Tyrell. Jaime replies that he swore by all the gods that he would bring back Catelyn Stark's daughters to her.

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Disgusted by Cersei's selfishness and shortsightedness, Jaime finally abandons her side and goes north on his own, leaving Cersei alone. Cersei Lannister is played by Lena Headey in the television adaption of the series of books. The Targaryens Cresei denounce their incestuous practices by this point because it would mean Aegon's heirs were illegitimate. However, at the nadir of her fortunes, Varys returns to the capital and murders both Pycelle and Kevan.

After reflecting on their late father's advice that "the Game Of Thrones Sex Cersei Gamr not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep", Cersei hugs Jaime and whispers in his ear that he is never to betray her again. During her meetings with Littlefinger, Cersei again feigns ignorance about Loras' arrest and seems unconcerned about what repercussions this might have. The character will also appear in the forthcoming volume The Winds of Winter. Half the Targaryens went mad, didn't they?

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In public, Cersei often tries to exude a sense of calm and regal control over her surroundings.

Though Robert hit Cersei for that, the girl was not brought to court, and all of Robert's bastards were kept out of sight. Cersei breakfasting in Winterfell in " The Kingsroad ".

  • Although terrified, Cersei initially refuses to agree an armistice, as Jon refuses to remain neutral in the war between the Lannisters and Targaryens. Maddened with grief at the loss of her eldest son, Cersei lashes out against Tyrion, accusing him of poisoning the king out of revenge.
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Under Maegor I Targaryen. Petyr then suggests that Cersei could just wait a while until Stannis has dealt with the Boltons or vice versa. As a result, everything up to marriage between sixth cousins was considered forbidden - which was practically impossible to avoid. Aegon V even tried discouraging further incestuous marriages but ultimately capitulated when his son and daughter, Jaehaerys II and Shaera, married without his permission. She later pays a visit to the so-called High Sparrow. While Cersei has dreams of ushering in a long dynasty, Jaime reminds her that they are losing the war, and with all their children dead, there is no Lannister line to inherit the Iron Throne.

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While the wildlings have no knowledge about genetics, they believe correctly that inbreeding may result in weak and sickly children. And I'm bringing our daughter home. Under Robert I Baratheon.

A furious Eddard attends to the matter himself to spare Lady a much more grisly death at the hands of Ilyn Payne. No longer considering Tyrion a threat, Cersei releases Ros. Tyrion learns from Lancel that Cersei is relying on the Alchemists' Guild to supply Wildfire to defend the city and supplants her relationship with the Guild. Games Movies TV Wikis.


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