Dating A Smith And Wesson Model 41



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Any help would be appreciated. On your 41, possibly first year but most likely ship date - worth checking with Jinks. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It left the factory in The smith and Wesson model was made from

DESCRIPTION: Mid 90s or so. Model 41 - serial numbers and dates Does anyone happen to have a listing of the manufacturer serial number and dates for the 41's for 1st year of production thru '77? These model were made until ,when the model began production. Letter of Authenticity See sample If you desire an in-depth response we can provide a formal letter of authenticity.

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It could have been made a week or a month or more before that.

  • Find all posts by firearmsunlimited. Impossible to answer without the sn.
  • The time now is
  • Tom; I bought XX from H.
  • What is the manufacture date of the model 10 smith and Wesson revolver?
  • Yes, he did slap some paint on it. Will the Mod 41 hold up to a steady diet of high velocity 22 ammo?

Preston County, WV Posts: Visit Barrie photo album. You have to love those 41's. I don't know if you would call it collectors value but older models seem to fetch anywhere from

What is the model and manufacture date of a Smith and Wesson 38 with serial J468456?

In the Model 41 was made available to the public for sale. No way to know. Visit novalty photo album. In the 3"barrel became standard production.

Also can someone please post a pic of there 41 showing the cocking indicator so I know for a fact if mine has it or not. Split and merge into it. Views Read Edit View history.

The Smith & Wesson Model 41 is a semi-automatic pistol developed by Smith & Wesson after World War II as a competitive target pistol. It was designed with a degree grip angle, the same as the Colt M pistol, to maintain a consistent grip of origin: United States. Request the history of your S&W handgun IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a high number of requests, the current turnaround time for a history letter is 8 -. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️[Free Gift] ★★★ Dating A Smith Wesson Model 41★★★Smith And Wesson Model 29 5 Inch Barrel Dating A Smith Wesson Model 41 on sale.

This may be the place to find an answer: It will have been built sometime before that.

My dad has one innickel finish. Not that I'm contributing much here but my model 41 serial number x is from Ignore the previous part about the letters in the serial number.

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  • Could be one of several different models built on the J-frame in that year, but if you open the cylinder and look at the inside of the frame you will see the model number stamped there.
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  • In It came with synthetic grips standard.
  • Any idea of value for the gun?

What would be the year of production be for 39xx, 4 digit serial number What is the manufacture date of a smith and Wesson model 36 serial number ? It left the factory in

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Dave W Anderson Member. I have the original box but no paperwork. The cocking indicator was dropped for the production run. SCSW 3rd edition indicates the cocking indicator pin was dropped in I don't know how this system works for adding pictures. What was the manufacture date of a Smith Wesson Model revolver with serial number ?

What was the manufacture date of a smith-wesson model serial number bez? Model numbers did not come into use until the mid 50s. Price of a Smith and Wesson model 41? That's very interesting, so there is one out there somewhere with the serial number ? Unless you provide the sn, the best I can tell you is that it was made sometime between All times are GMT Your best bet in this case is to contact the manufacturer and see if they will search their records for a date of manufacture.


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