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Also bought caulk, shims, caulk gun, and select lumber. I am disgusted by the people who, even after it is explained to them, continue to ask for a discount they know they are not entitled to. So Lowes will accept a blue veteran id card issued if you are using the medical program or qualify.

DESCRIPTION: Unfortunately, it all comes down to the almighty dollar. They give you a thanks for serving. I like many Veterans did not retire form the Armed Services, I served 14 years and because of that no type of ID is provided for Veterans like me who served. There are online coupons and other discounts you can get.

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Home Depot/Lowe's Military and Veterans Discounts |

You can contact their corporate offices and if you bug them enough, they will give you a detailed explanation of their military discount. They do tons for their communities. These cards cost vets each year and should be accepted anywhere a company offers military discounts.

  • When the junk hits the fan, they are not the ones to step up to the plate, but I digress. Lowes — walk in show your va or old ID card, even a DD.
  • Please reply to this at the email address below. If you are not active, reserve, retired, or disabled, then you do not meet the criteria.
  • I apologize if I myself came off boorish.

Want to fight to make things fair, there is a cause worth fighting for. Thank you to all my fellow Veterans. As a guard or reservist, that will be the red card until you turn 60, when at that point you will be reissued the gray card. I am in the Guard and have used these discounts for years, and have saved thousands.

I was a reservist but have been out since We need to protest these places, contacts these companies and complained which I h ave done with no success. My hats off to Lowes and Home Depot.

A vet is a vet, with proof, the discount should be honored with the DD But, hey, I will take my discount wherever I can get it. When I went to check out I was asked to register to be able to get my military discount. It used to be a discount across the board and every day. I did 22 years in the military to serve my country, not to get freebies.

Find Online Discounts Today At The Home Depot. More Saving. More DoingHome Depot Savings are just a click away!Truck & Tool Rental · Home Services · ,+ Items Ship Free · Free Returns. Home Depot and Lowe’s have long been known to offer a 10% military discount to military members, veterans, and retirees on the main military holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day. Lowe’s and Home Depot Military and Veteran Discounts volunteered at the Veterans Home and always 10% military discount. Home Depot used to.

Home Depends on the store. When I built my sunroom and deck, I would buy what I could fit in my van, talk home then go back and buy another load of materials, getting the discount each time.

I apologize if I myself came off boorish. On return shopping trips, many of these customers simply avoid checking out with me at the Service Desk and instead continue their fraudulent ways by going to a different cashier. Do yourself a favor, get the VA card, you dont have to use the health facilities.

There are some days just at my register I probably do about 20 military discounts. It would appear that Home Depots recognition of veterans is limited when it impacts profits. Thanks for the research. All the associates that I have dealt with knew what they were talking about or could find someone who did.

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  • Remember if you are a Veteran, but not Active, Reserve, Retired or disabled Veteran you are only authorized the discount on the above stated Holidays.
  • I personally prefer Lowes and drive by a Home Depot to get to my closest Lowes.

I stopped by and ask if they were giving military discounts and was told they had considered it but decided not to give the discounts. The policies have not changed, but individual stores are certainly changing their behavior. I work at Home Depot and it seems that most veterans are thankful to us for the discount.

As of Feb they no longer give the discount online for home depot but will honor it in the store. If you are not active, reserve, retired, or disabled, then you do not meet the criteria. I hope more people read it. I have heard that some of the stores have made their own policies regarding what is a veteran.


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