Im Hookup Him But Like Someone Else



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The guy in this scenario only avoids fault when he has no idea that she wants an exclusive relationship, meaning he would have had to have asked, and she would have had to have not answered honestly. How did you react? Related Questions What do you do if a guy you like hooks up with someone else? Communicate, and he will tell you how he feels. If you are not exclusive, it does not mean that he must be exclusive to you.

DESCRIPTION: You can certainly return his stuff cut him out, especially to protect yourself if this is really bothering you. I just went through this actually. But this is exactly what you're doing. You had different expectations than he did, and he acted on his own.

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You and he are done.

  • Clearly you have had your jimmies rustled before by this.
  • If exclusivity is the price for your attention going forward then let him know it. In a relationship, probably, while dating, absolutely not.
  • And some of the advice on here sucks. I most definately wouldn't.

I know I'm not a guy, but if I'm not exclusive with someone, I'll still hook up with other people if the opportunity arises, even if I like that other person waay more. Read the Frequently Asked Questions and do a search before asking a question. If so obviously everyones is different and what they think is acceptable might not be to me. Put yourself in the same position. I do understand your point about saying what your thinking rather then implying it. We hooked up, nothing came of it. IMO, then you have no right to be upset. Unless you say that you're exclusive while you guys figure it out, you aren't.

I have a boyfriend, but I like someone else

I've turned down offers from other women when starting new relationships in the past. When I say I stopped talking to him, I mean I sent a text and got no reply. Out Im Hookup Him But Like Someone Else all the posts so far I agree with this the most. But at the place Elsee 'growing' relationship was. Not to mention it was a wall post between him and the girl that happened to come up on my newsfeed, he didn't post it for the world to see. There will always be one person in the relationship who has doubts, or lacks confidence or maybe feels the other is out of their league, and in such a situation, it is easy Liike take advantage.

People are too sensitive. There's no need to vilify either party. We hooked up, nothing came of it.

Now obviously as he is essentially 'single' yes as we agreed we shouldn't jump straight in - I can't justify being angry. Tell him it is not his fault, but it does upset you and if he would like to continue seeing you it's time to make it exclusive. You're right that since you didn't have an 'exclusitivity' agreement that he isn't necessarily in the wrong, but it definitely shows something about how he feels about you. Don't beat yourself up for the way you're feeling.

  • A guy says he likes you then hooks up with someone else. Is he just playing me?
  • Sorry for the harsh words, but to be blunt and not sugarcoat anything, the reason you're in this situation feeling the way you do is your own fault.
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  • By distancing himself from you before he left, he was all but saying "I'd like to try other girls, and by that I mean bang.

You realize he was very inconsiderate of you and decide you'd rather move on, so you don't confront him about it. It's okay that you feel this way - you can't help how you feel, so don't feel bad about it - but realize that if you don't want to feel like this, you need to make smarter choices next time. It could mean that you guys hit a stagnant spot, you're bored and restless with your life now, or you both are not seeing each other like you used to. But if you want him to show loyalty, you've got to offer him a reason to be loyal I don't mean sexy fun here-- a girl on the beach can give him that too. This is pretty black and white. If all of this information was there initially instead of being ambiguous or just completely different, it would make it much easier.

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I agree he's done nothing wrong, that doesn't mean she should hold focus more of her time on him then he is willing to focus on her. You don't have to be "justified" in being angry. He had no obligation to ensure that she actually was on board with their "agreement", but he could have done so. I'm just confused towards the thought process of why would you tell someone you're interested in them and act as such and suddenly do something like that. Monday, September 16, by Jessica Booth.

First off, ask yourself if you can get past this, if you won't find yourself clinging on to this. That doesn't make him worthless. I can't justify being angry For playing the field? Well, he's just not that in to you. Now I'm more or less trying to decide if I want to bother - if he isn't interested. You're free to break up with him for any reason you want.


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